Grilled Glazed Teriyaki Chicken Breasts

Decided to marinate these chicken breasts in teriyaki sauce, some brown sugar, soy sauce, chili oil and a few other things. I let it sit in the fridge in the marinade for a few days.

I cooked it up on the cast iron grill pan that I have and then let it rest and served it with some steamed rice and green beans that were cooked in some of the marinade of the chicken.

I used the marinade in the pan and cooked it down to great a glaze for the Grilled Glazed Teriyaki Chicken.


Blacked Cajun Salmon with Quinoa and Spinach Patties

Blacked Cajun Salmon with Quinoa and Spinach Patties. I got the idea from a few different recipes that I read online. A few from SA actually, hey fellow goons 🙂

The salmon was cooked in the skillet skin side down at first for about 4 mins then I flipped it over and the skin pealed right off. I seasoned that side as well and cooked it for about 5 mins on the other side flipping it one last time to get a crust on both sides of the filet.

For the Quinoa patties we cooked the spinach in a little olive oil and garlic. Cooked the Quinoa in the rice cooker and it turned out perfect. Combined the two and added probably 2.5-3 eggs the recipe I had found called for 4 eggs but that looked like way too much so I didn’t end up adding that many eggs. I added Panko Season Bread Crumbs to help absorb the moisture from the eggs. I fried them in some olive oil and served with the Cajun Salmon Fillets.

Chicken Primavera of sorts with my own twist

So no this is not exactly chicken primavera but its what I decided to make tonight and it turned out pretty damn good 😀