Chicken Tikka Pizza (Semi Thin Crust Edition)

Okay so I decided to see if I could get my pizza crust thinner and maybe it would be a little less doughy in the center and cooked all the way through.


Regardless the last pizza still turned out amazing but here is the one with the new technique.


So this time what I did was put some cornmeal down on the cast iron skillet, once it started to smoke a little bit I put the dough on it to start cooking it before I put the ingredients on it. In this case I was going to put some fresh mozzarella cheese, bell pepper, onion, chicken breast that was cut up and marinated with some chicken tikka seasoning.

Once the crust reached what felt like its half way point of cooking I put on the pizza sauce, cheese and the rest of the toppings. I finished the pizza off with the broiler on for a couple of minutes (I also have the worlds weakest oven, once an omelet was left under it for 10 minutes and it did not burn the omelet. So you get the idea)


_MG_8536 IMG_8531

Grilled Glazed Teriyaki Chicken Breasts

Decided to marinate these chicken breasts in teriyaki sauce, some brown sugar, soy sauce, chili oil and a few other things. I let it sit in the fridge in the marinade for a few days.

I cooked it up on the cast iron grill pan that I have and then let it rest and served it with some steamed rice and green beans that were cooked in some of the marinade of the chicken.

I used the marinade in the pan and cooked it down to great a glaze for the Grilled Glazed Teriyaki Chicken.


Boneless Chicken Thighs Balsamic Vinegar Baked

We were trying to figure out what to do with these chicken thighs we had bought. I thought of some recipes but they all involved a crock pot and we didn’t feel like purchasing one. Anyway looking online I found something that looked interesting. Balsamic Vinegar and chicken broth as well as a few other things. Combine it all and put it in the oven for 50 mins  Well that sounded easy enough to me and something that might actually turn out to be pretty good. Since I had never cooked with Balsamic vinegar before I was a little nervous but everything turned out amazingly well.

Italian Seasoned Chicken Breast with Pasta and Vegtables

So I had some chicken I marinated a few weeks ago that I defrosted a few days ago. Since I am going on vacation for a week or so I really don’t want to leave much in the house so I’ve just been cooking with what I already have. Anyway I didn’t want to bread the chicken, didn’t want to bake it really so I decided to use the cast iron grill pan to cook it and it turned out amazing. I then boiled up some fettuccine and some vegetables, I then grilled the vegetables in the pan that I had cooked the chicken in. Anywhere pics below 🙂